Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I just got back from the grocery store after scoring one of the best finds in several weeks. I am a big fan of black beans. They taste great, hardly ever expire (in a can), provide decent protein with low fat, can be mixed with some Mexican cheese and cumin and chili powder for practically a meal in themselves, or can be added to virtually any Mexican dish (and I love Mexican). Perhaps the best thing about black beans is their price- 69 cents for a 15.25 oz. can of store brand beans (and I've never tasted any difference between the generic and branded beans). Sixty-nine cents is pretty insane to me. Well today, my beloved beans were on special for an almost outlandish 2 for 1 (50 cents per can!). I bought at least 10 cans. Oh, the simple joys in grocery shopping.

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