Saturday, May 17, 2008


When I go to the grocery, I rarely buy anything more than essential food, occasional toiletries and cleaning supplies. In other words, I almost never buy any dessert/candy or drinks (except for some cheap wine here and there). However, the other night I had a big craving for some chocolate. I really didn't want to have to make a trip to the grocery just for chocolate (my natural reactions against unhealthy food, wasting gas and wasting money on unnecessary food were kicking in pretty well). After several hours of contemplation, I finally decided to go and I ended up not feeling too badly about it. At least I got my chocolate on special.

I often find myself (at least trying) to make financial/food decisions as rationally as possible and I sometimes have a hard time relating to people who act clearly against their own self-interest in financial matters. I recognize that a lot of the personal finance blog world is built around bloggers supporting other bloggers as they decide to live frugally, invest and otherwise make healthy financial decisions; though again, it is hard for me personally to get into the "cheerleading" spirit. I generally believe that with enough good information available, people can and will make the right decisions for themselves, which is where I see the value of many PF blogs. However, like everybody else, I recognize that I'm only human and that it is OK to make irrational decisions sometimes.

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